Say it Louder SMThe choice should have been easy.

My bandmates gave me an ultimatum—dump my toxic girlfriend or break up the band. But she’s been collecting dirt on all of us for years.

Just when I think I’ve hit rock bottom, a pink-haired street artist rocks my world. The sudden spotlight on her art collides with her old life on the streets—and my secret shame.

Wanting her isn’t enough. Our pasts could destroy our future.

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Find out why early readers are calling Say it Louder (Tattoo Thief #4) “the best book in the series.” Start reading chapters 1-6 now (don’t miss the major bomb dropped in chapter one!):

Preorder now on Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon AU, iBooks and Kobo. Available Sept. 29 on all platforms including Barnes & Noble.

Each book is a standalone love story about a different member of the band, so you don’t have to read the whole series to enjoy Say it Louder.

2 Comments on “Say it Louder

  1. Hi I just finished the first 3 Tattoo Thief books today. And thanks for making it a wonderful day because of them. Would love to know when Dave and Willa’s book will be ready for purchase or even pre-order.
    Thanks for great stories and wonderful characters. Please do more!

    • It’s ready! I put all of the purchase & preorder links up in this post (updated it) and I’ll have Barnes & Noble links up next week (BN doesn’t allow direct preorders). Hope, thank you so much for reading (and your patience while I was getting the preorder ready!).

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