The Phoenix Campaign_thumbAmbition. Lust. Sacrifice. Politics just got a whole lot sexier.

Grace Colton’s life is a blur—security, appearances, and a desperately fast ramp-up to Election Day. Political consultant Jared Rankin is pulling the strings to win the White House with the Conover-Colton ticket.

But the fragile relationship Grace and Jared forged could be ruined by secrets traded for political leverage. She’s hiding her new relationship with Jared from the public, and concealing a deeper secret from everyone.

When Grace reveals the explosive truth to her running mate, squeaky-clean Senator Conover must confront his own haunted past. Grace’s future—and their campaign—could be ruined by the lies meant to protect what they love most.

Peek behind the curtain and under the covers in this sexy political drama that exposes the true cost of ambition, lust and sacrifice.

This erotic romance contains toe-curling sex and fiery language. It is recommended for mature readers. Available on Amazon, iBooksBarnes & Noble and Kobo. Check out more images from the custom cover shoot…

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4 Comments on “The Phoenix Campaign

    • Thank you so much! xoxo The Phoenix Campaign is out 4/20 and available for preorder now. I’d love to hear what you think of this one … Jared’s going to be put to a major test.

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